IT Management

We have a passion for technology and a belief in its power to make your business work better, your people become more productive and your customers are more loyal. To help you better understand the role of technology in your organization and how to plan for, integrate and manage your environment to best fit your business needs, we offer a full life cycle of services.


Real estate

Business Bridge is the first and largest property dealing firm, the real estate industry by connecting buyers and sellers online in a highly convenient way, making it a household name among People around the world.
Business Bridge has since grown from strength to strength, with over 3,000 employees and presence in different cities with offices in 25.
Business Bridge connects buyers with sellers and tenants with landlords for highly user-friendly real estate experience. The extensive listings and projects on offer provide something for everyone when it comes to property
The company is also the pioneer of large-scale real estate events and frequently organizes expos both locally and internationally.
Business Bridge also offers exclusive marketing and sales services to premium projects, all of which have been great successes. The trust and reliability that Business Bridge brings to these projects, and the expertise of our marketing and sales teams, have led to this success. strategy, covering all aspects of the projects, and helps buyers on every step of the way, with transparency guaranteed.


Business Bridge Technologies was founded in year 2021. The company planned and launched its operation with a view to meet the industry demands for a solution provider offering complete end-to-end solutions for I.T and SMD Indoor Video Walls, LED/DIP Outdoor Display Screens, Power & Presentation Media, infrastructure needs. We have onboard the best and highly qualified / experienced individuals putting in their efforts to provide custom tailored, cost effective and yet highly reliable business solutions. Keeping up pace with the growing needs of its customers, Business Bridge Technologies has emerged as the leading “Information Technology & Presentation Media Solutions Provider Company” in Pakistan, fully geared to handle complex projects on turnkey basis. With the support of its expert and professional team assembled to maintain highest service standards in the industry, and of course with an ever-increasing customer support, Our Technologies showed an unprecedented growth with in a very short period of time.

Imagine what we can do for your business.

Choose Best Invetment Plan

Just choose the plan you suit the best and leave the rest to E-Renta, we will keep your investment growing with our fleet of bikes and smart phones rented to the most secure & profitable brands in UAE with your capital earning a halal profits.

Thinking the way forward

If you are planning to find a business for passive income where your capitals and profits are secure and also you are want to get reasonable profits per month in your accounts, your problem is solved with our physical business in UAE.

Withdrawls into your account

We always believe in the easiness of our customers, your profits are withdrawable as per the given criteria; you can enjoy your profits directly into your account sitting in your bedroom with no If & Buts,, it is our top priority.

Let your success ride with us

Keep your eyes on your daily routines as we take the responsibility to grow your invested amount with our best ability and capability. We are here to serve your 24/7 to keep you mentally free from house hold expense and belongings.

Our Rental Services

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